Healthcare Law Practice

Without policy and procedure from the point of admission your profitability is at risk.

Admission is a critical process which has many pitfalls. If your staff is not trained properly, these pitfalls can lead to mounting receivables with limited recourse. Training, preparation and prevention is key to every admission.

We are available to audit your admission process, along with your Admission Agreement, and provide solutions to increase your profitability through prevention.

Without policy and procedure prior to and during the MassHealth application process, your profitability is at risk.

The MassHealth application process is complicated for your resident and their family. Bad advice, even from professionals, coupled with a deadline oriented application exposes your facility to multiple months of lost fees for services rendered.

We are available to audit your MassHealth application policies and provide solutions reducing your exposure and helping prevent lost income.

Receivables add up quickly for a long-term care facility. The faster you address receivables, the more likely you are to collect.

Whether it’s a refusal to pay, a missed MassHealth deadline, or an unknown property transfer, the odds are stacked against your facility.

We have developed an extensive legal toolkit for the collection of accounts receivable. Our years of fighting for our long-term care clients have led to multiple favorable decisions which can be used your advantage.

We are experts in:

  • Asset Research and Recovery
  • Fraudulent Transfer Law
  • Husband/Wife Liability
  • Estate Creditor Administration and Claims
  • Responsible Party liability
  • Discharge

A collections firm cannot provide you with these extensive tools. Further, your facility is exposed to risk if you aren’t using a firm specialized in the intricate regulations surrounding collection of nursing home debts. Let our experience work for you.

Our specialty is long-term care facilities law and we provide full service to our clients.

We can often provide quick answers to your day to day operations, compliance and employment questions. We have extensive experience in Administrative Law including representation before MCAD, DPH, CMS, MassHealth and on Attorney General Matters.

Let our extensive knowledge and expertise benefit you.

Your facility could substantially reduce property costs through HUD insured financing and we can help.

We have closed over 500 million in long-term care facilities loans on both sides of the transaction. We have a reputation for getting the deal done, no matter the parties, and have a developed and tested rapport with the HUD office.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your facility.